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The Shampoo

Our 100% natural Gentle Dog Shampoo was formulated for Shirim's dog Charlie four year ago as Charlie had skin allergies due to an immunity condition. It helped heal Charlie's skin and make her coat shiny. We shared it with canine friends who loved it. Our unique Organic oats extract and seaweed formula is super active,effective for all skin types.

With 5% highest quality organic Oat Extract made specially for us in a super concentrated form means more of the soothing components that are in oats (alpha-topchopherol, alpha-tocotrienol, linoleic acids and oleic acids) making it super effective for calming sensitive skin. We also have Seaweed extract which is full for vitamins and minerals vital for healthy skin.

100% Natural Dog Shampoo

Made from the most gentle of plant derived i

Clean Formula

No soap, parabens, synthetic dyes, sulphates,

Vegan & Sustainable

Our ingrediants are 1005 plant based and su

Cruelty Free

We are passionate about the well-being of an