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About us

Shirin Valipour

Shirin & Charlie

Charlie & Co Naturals is a new British company founded by a leading organic pharmacist Margo Marrone and Shirin Valipour, a natural’s specialist and dog lover.  

Margo Marrone

"Formulating natural and organic products is a passion for me that spans almost 3 decades. This formulation for Charlie was made after extensive research into dog’s skin and the difference with human skin. Charlie reacted to many natural shampoos with essential oils in and for this reason I formulated this shampoo with skin soothing ingredients to be gentle without strong essential oils."

Shirin Valipour

"I have had dogs all my life and they are a part of my soul. Throughout the years of working within health and natural products I have constantly looked for the best shampoos for my dogs and when Charlie, my little heart fell ill and got skin allergies I started getting a real insight into natural dog shampoos for sensitive skin, this shampoo calmed my Charlie’s skin."


Our most important team member Charlie is the reason we exist. This shampoo was made for and approved by Charlie.