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Sensitive Skin and Itching in Dogs

If you are worried about your dog’s skin allergies or sensitivity then identifying the main causes can go a long way in helping find the right solution. Like humans, your dog’s in the largest organ and first line of protection against the outside world. A healthy skin is so important to the over health of a dog and lest face it itchy skin is not only physically challenging but also mentally, disturbing sleep and causing anxiety. If you are not sure if your dog has sensitive skin then we share with you the main signs.


Dry Flaky Skin - If you notice any dry or flaky patches- this could be a sign of sensitivity or allergy. Excessive Scratching - itching caused by allergies or sensitivity will lead to scratching. If it’s more than usual then this could be a sign. Hair Loss - Quite often sensitive skin can lead to hair loss and even bald patches. Other signs can be Skin rashes, Pigmented skin, Skin bacterial infection, hives, hot spots ( from intense scratching ), Red eyes, sneezing and itchy paws.


Products such as shampoos, sprays and wipes can be laced with synthetic ingredients such as Soap, Sulphates, parabens, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrance and synthetic colour. These ingredients are a known cause of irritation in humans and so can easily irritate and cause dermatitis in dogs. Also certain essential oils in products can cause skin allergies. Another reason is using Human shampoo which the acidity is higher and can dry dogs skin. Switch to a 100% natural soothing dog shampoo that has soothing oats extract known to calm itchy skin. Diet can play a big role in sensitivity. It’s worth identifying the foods that they are allergic to and eliminating them. Just like us each dog can be allergic to different food such as dairy soy, wheat, Chicken and beef. Additives to foods check for ingredients in your dog food such as chemicals, preservatives, colourants and synthetic flavours. If you suspect your pup is suffering from any type of allergy the first thing is to talk to your vet to help find out the cause of the allergy

Insect bites such as fleas or mites can cause irritation and dry scaly skin. Here are some natural tips which could help;

  • Cool water: Rinse with cool water and keep a cool cloth on the bite for a few minutes
  • Onion: Gently rub a slice of onion on the site.
  • Apple vinegar cider: Apply a drop on a cloth and dab the site.
  • Baking powder: Mix some with water and apply to the site
  • Medicinal herbs: Basil, Marigold and parsley are some of the best natural remedies to calm the skin. Apply a small amount of chopped herb to the site.

Seasonal Allergies or rather Hayfever can affect dogs too. As spring brings the beautiful blooms and leaves, it also brings pollen. It’s worth washing your dogs paws as soon as you come home to remove any pollen from their feet that can continue to spread around the house and cause irritation. A small amount of honey has been reported to work in some cases