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How to Remove Tear & Beard Stains Naturally

Tear and beard stains are common in all breeds but more visible in lighter dogs. As this is a very sensitive area it is very important not use any harsh synthetic products, specially ones with bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide which can harm the skin and cause irritation to the eyes.

Either of our 100% Naturals Shampoos are suitable for daily stain removal. They cleanse gently whilst conditioning pup's skin and fur with nourishing ingredients.
Take a cap full of our Soothing Dog Shampoo or Natural Whitening Dog Shampoo and put into a 500ml bottle with a spray top. Gently shake so it mixes well.
Spray onto a cloth, wipe the eye or beard gently (avoiding getting into the eyes) Ideally morning and night daily.
Using a dry towel gently wipe the mixture from the area. The bottle will keep for three days, only then you need to make a fresh batch.