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A Simple Solution for Bathing Dogs Who Hate Being Washed

If your beloved pooch hates being washed you are not alone. Many of our furry customers hate being washed and the good news is we have a tried and tested solution that will turn bath time into a real treat. In order for this to works nicely  you must use a 100% natural shampoo. 
With noses 40 times stronger than our own, pooches won’t be overwhelmed with the scent. 100% natural ingredients is vitally important and we are pleased to say that ours is also vegan and plant based so super gentle for your beloved and any shampoo is left on the skin, the organic ingredients will continue to condition the fur and the skin. This routine will gently freshen up your dog and is also great to use between grooming or bath sessions.
Take a cap full of our Soothing Dog Shampoo or Natural Whitening Dog Shampoo and put into a 500ml bottle with a spray top. Gently shake so it mixes well.
Spray your dog with the mixture from neck down.
Using a towel gently wipe the mixture from your pup. The bottle will keep for three days, only then you need to make a fresh batch. 
How easy was that?